Article Id: ARCC556 | Page : 350 - 353
Citation :- INTEGRATED NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT IN CLUSTERBEAN (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L. Taubert).Legume Research.2012.(35):350 - 353
mukesh kumar kumhar, I.C. Patel and Shaukat Ali
Address : C. P. College of Agriculture, S. D. Agricultural University, Sardarkrushinagar, Banaskantha-385 506, India


A field experiment was conducted on loamy sand soil of during kharif 2008. Among the different treatments, application of 100 % RDN through Urea + Rhizobium + PSB recorded significantly higher plant height at harvest (104.7 cm), number of nodules/plant at 50 DAS (23.5), green weight of nodule/plant at 50 DAS (96.0 mg), number of pods/plant at harvest (31.1), seed yield/plant (10.12 g), 100-seed weight (5.87 g), dry matter /plant at harvest (31.74 g),  Seed yield (910 kg/ha) and Stover yield (2737 kg/ha), over rest of the treatments. The highest net return (R9631/ha) and BCR (2.13) were recorded with the application of 100 % RDN through Urea + Rhizobium + PSB.


INM Clusterbean Urea FYM Rhizobium PSB.


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