Article Id: ARCC2417 | Page : 63 - 67
Citation :- GENETIC DIVERGENCE STUDIES IN URD BEAN (VIGNA MUNGO L.).Legume Research.2008.(31):63 - 67
M.P. Chauhan, A.C. Mishra and Ashok Kumar Singh
Address : Departmant of Genetics and Plant Breeding, N.D. University of Agriculture and Technology, Kumarganj, Faizabad - 224 229, India


Genetic diversity was studied in 210 true breeding lines alongwith three check cultivars of urdbean on the basis of yield and related trails by employing non-hierarchical Euclidean cluster analysis. The 210 genotypes were grouped into 9 different clusters. The highest number of genotypes appeared in cluster IX which contained 38 entries. The highest intracluster distance was recorded for cluster II (3.00) while lowest was found in case of cluster IX (1.964). The maximum inter cluster distance was observed between cluster II and III (6.904). The different clusters showed considerable differences in intra cluster group means of 12 characters and genotypes having distinctly different mean performance for various characters.


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