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Legume Research, volume 41 issue 4 (august 2018) : 589-593

Effects of seaweed extract on yield and protein content of two common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars

S. Kocira, A. Kocira, R. Kornas, M. Koszel, M. Szmigielski, M. Krajewska, A. Szparaga, Z. Krzysiak
1Department of Machinery Exploitation and Production Process Management, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Akademicka 13, 20-950 Lublin, Poland
  • Submitted21-08-2017|

  • Accepted14-10-2017|

  • First Online 29-12-2017|

  • doi 10.18805/LR-383

Cite article:- Kocira S., Kocira A., Kornas R., Koszel M., Szmigielski M., Krajewska M., Szparaga A., Krzysiak Z. (2017). Effects of seaweed extract on yield and protein content of two common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars. Legume Research. 41(4): 589-593. doi: 10.18805/LR-383.
An experiment was conducted to investigate into the effects of Ecklonia maxima extract (Kelpak SL) on yield, protein and ash contents of two bean cultivars. The study was carried out in 2012 - 2014 in Poland. During the growing season, 0.2% and 0.4% solutions of the bio-stimulant were applied by single and double spraying of plants against a control. The highest number and weight of grains were found when the plants of ‘Toska’ cultivar were single sprayed with 0.2% seaweed extract. Double spraying the plants with the 0.4% solution of Kelpak SL increased the number, its weight and the number of pods in cultivar ‘Aura’. The application of Kelpak SL increased protein content of grains in both bean cultivars. Higher the dose the double foliar application of the bio-stimulant, more was the ash content of the grain of plants of ‘Toska’ cultivar.
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