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Legume Research, volume 41 issue 4 (august 2018) : 526-531

Generation of interspecific hybrids for introgression of mungbean yellow mosaic virus resistance in Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek

Prince Lekhi, R.K. Gill, Satinder Kaur, T.S. Bains
1Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141 004, Punjab, India
  • Submitted03-12-2016|

  • Accepted15-06-2017|

  • First Online 04-04-2018|

  • doi 10.18805/LR-3808

Cite article:- Lekhi Prince, Gill R.K., Kaur Satinder, Bains T.S. (2018). Generation of interspecific hybrids for introgression of mungbean yellow mosaic virus resistance in Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek. Legume Research. 41(4): 526-531. doi: 10.18805/LR-3808.
Vigna radiata genotypes viz., SML 668 and SML 832 and V. mungo genotypes viz., Mash 114 and Mash 218 were crossed in all possible combinations during summer 2015 to generate F1 hybrids. Interspecific hybridization was attempted by using V. radiata genotypes as female parent. Pod set percentage varied from 5.5 percent (SML 832 x Mash 218) to 24.1 percent (SML 832 x Mash 114). The germination percentage ranged from 14.29 to 30.56. Maximum pollen fertility was observed in cross SML 668 x Mash 114 (28.36 percent) followed by SML 668 x Mash 218 (27.03 percent), SML 832 x Mash 218 (24.32 percent) and minimum in SML 832 x Mash 114 (22.59 percent).The purity of hybrids were tested through microsatellite markers. For parental polymorphism, microsatellite markers were selected from related Vigna species such as Vigna unguiculata, Vigna radiata and Vigna mungo. Out of 84 markers used, 46 were polymorphic i.e 54.76 per cent polymorphism between parents. These polymorphic markers were used for confirmation of hybrids produced from different crosses. All the F1 plants gave resistant reaction to Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) indicating the introgression of resistance gene(s) from V. mungo to V. radiata.
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