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Legume Research, volume 40 issue 4 (august 2017) : 768-772

Field evaluation of mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) germplasm for resistance against pod borer complex 

R. P .Soundararajan, N. Chitra
1<p>Department of Agricultural Entomology,&nbsp;Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore &ndash; 641 003, India&nbsp;</p>
Cite article:- .Soundararajan P R., Chitra N. (2017). Field evaluation of mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) germplasm for resistance against pod borer complex . Legume Research. 40(4): 768-772. doi: 10.18805/lr.v0i0.7840.

Field evaluation of 44 mungbean Vigna radiata (L.) germplasm was carried out during kharif and rabi 2012 for screening against resistance to pod borer complex. The population of legume pod borer, Maruca vitrata (Geyer) larva was assessed at flowering stage. The damage in the pods were estimated in the harvested pods for different borer pests viz., M. vitrata, gram pod borer Helicoverpa armigera (Hub.), blue butterfly Lampides boeticus L., pod bug Riptortus sp. Based on cumulative pod damage, Pest Score Index (PSI) was worked out for all the germplasm. The results revealed that population of legume pod borer larva were more during kharif (0.33- 3.75/plant) than rabi (0.13-1.50/plant) season. The damage based scoring, PSI indicated that none of the mungbean germplasm was recorded as resistant. However, five entries were moderately resistant with PSI 3 during kharif. In rabi season two entries were recorded as moderately resistant. Four germplasm viz., KM 2-B, NPM 3-1, VGG 90, VGG 04-016 grouped as moderately resistant in both seasons with consistency in their level of resistance against pod borer complex.

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