Article Id: ARCC4106
Citation :- HETEROSIS IN LENTIL (LENS CULINARIS MADIK.).Legume Research.2000.(23)
Chauhan M.P.*, Singh I.S.
Address : Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, G.S. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar - 263 145, India


Fifteen F1 hybrids involving Prescoz Sel. and 5 microsperma/bold and seed genotypes were assessed for relative heterosis and helerobeitiosis for nine characters during 1992–93 (E,l and 1993–94 (E2). The heterotic response for various traits was envaluenced by the environments. The highest heterotic effect was recorded for number of fruiting nodes per plant (81–82%) followed by seed yield per plant (47.52%) in F1 of Precoz Sel. x KL 86-2 over both the years. This cross was the best heterotic combination for plant spread, seeds/pod and harvest index also. The F1 s between Precoz, Sel. x L 4136 showed high heterobeltiosis for germination per cent, nodes up to first flower and plant height. It was observed that the F,s exhibiting high heterosis for seed yield also exhibited high heterotic response for major yield attributes in lentil.


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