Article Id: ARCC4023
Citation :- GENETIC ANALYSIS IN CHICKPEA (CICER ARIETINUM L.).Legume Research.2001.(24)
Sarode N. D., Deshmukh R.B., Kute N.S., Kanawade D.G., Dhonde S.R.
Address : Pulses Improvement Project, MPKV.. Rahuri, 413722, India


The genetic analysis, revealed important role of both additive () and non-additive (Ĥ1, Ĥ2) components for expression of plant spread, secondary branches per plant. grains per pod and grain yield per plant. The characters days to 50% flowering, days to maturity. plant height, pods per plant and 100 grain weight were under the control of dominance. (Ĥ/)½ revealed overdominance for all the characters except for days to 50 ()6 flowering, basal branches per plant, grain per pod and 100 grain weight. The distribution of alleles with positive and negative effects (Ĥ2/4 Ĥ1) was asymmetrical for all the characters except for days for 50 per cent flowering. The ratio KD/Kr revealed excess of dominant genes than recessive except for basal branches per plant and grains per pod. For grains per pod the ratio ĥ2/Ĥ2 was 1.53 indicating existence of at least two groups of dominant genes for controlling this trait.


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