Article Id: ARCC3694 | Page : 311 - 31
Citation :- GENETIC VARIABILITY IN PEAS (PISUM SATIVUM).Legume Research.2006.(29):311 - 31
Seema Ranjan, Manoj Kumar and 5.5. Pandey
Address : Department of Plant Breeding, Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa - 848 125, India


Genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) heritability and genetic advance were assessed in 7 diverse genotypes of peas. Genotypes differed significantly for all the characters except number of branches per plant. Most of the yield attributing characters showed high heritability values. Seed yield expressed high genetic advance along with moderate heritability and high GCV indicating preponderance of additive gene effects for this trait. Character as 100 seed weight also showed high heritability coupled with high genetic advance opening a way for direct selection.


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