Article Id: ARCC3674 | Page : 233 - 234
Citation :- RESPONSE OF MOONG CULTIVARS TO RHIZOBIAL INOCULATION.Legume Research.2006.(29):233 - 234
T.K. Ghosh, R.P. Singh, J.S. Duhan* and D.S. Yadav
Address : Regional Biofertiliser Development Centre, Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, 149, Sector 15-A, Hisar - 125 001, India


Response of moong cultivars (Asha, T-44, K-581, MH-85) to different rhizobial strains (M-1005, M-1006, M-11, M-20) was studied in terms of nodule number, nitrogen fixation and grain yield of moong in sandy loam soil under pot culture condition. Moong cultivars responded differently to rhizobial strains. Moong cultivars K-581 and MH-85 were found more responsive to rhizobial M-1006 isolate. Asha cultivar was found to responsive only to M-1005 where cv. T-44 showed good response to M-l1. Interaction of cultivars with rhizobial strains showed that response of moong cultivars varied with rhizobial isolates.


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