Article Id: ARCC3660 | Page : 181 - 185
Citation :- GENETIC DIVERSITY IN URDBEAN (VIGNA MUNGO L. HEPPER).Legume Research.2006.(29):181 - 185
P. Shanthi*, S. Jebaraj and N. Manivannan
Address : National Pulses Research Centre, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Vamban - 622 303, India


The 60 urdbean genotypes were grouped into 17 clusters. Among all the characters, the contribution of number of pods per plant was maximum (15.14%) followed by number of branches per plant (13.89%) and single plant yield (12.76). The maximum inter cluster distance was between cluster II and XVII (D=674.66). The maximum intra cluster distance was reported in cluster XVI (D=14.57) followed by cluster III (D=13.90). The cluster VI has showed the highest cluster meanfor three characters viz., single plant yield and number of pods per plant and number of seeds per pod Cluster V has recorded the highest mean value for number of pods per plant and number of seeds per pod. The cross combination of L41-B and G31 with PLG 47 is found to give relatively good amount of heterosis in F among the possible cross combinations


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