Article Id: ARCC3235 | Page : 302-304
Citation :- REPEATED SUPEROVULATION IN CATTLE AT SHORT INTERVALS.Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2007.(41):302-304
R.C. Yadav and G.N. Purohit
Address : Department of Animal Reproduction Gynaecology and Obstetrics, College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner - 334 001, India


Repeated superovulation at short intervals was done in 7 Rathi and its crossbred heifers. CIDRB
was implanted in the vagina of heifers and they were superovulated with 8 divided 12 hr IM
decreasing doses of porcine FSH (Super-Ov, Ausa International USA) starting from day 8 of the
implant. At 6th injection of FSH, 5ml of prostaglandin was injected IM to induce estrus. Embryos were recovered non-surgically on day 7 of insemination during a superovulatory estrus. Fourteen days after embryo recovery the CIDR-B was placed again and the same treatment was repeated thrice. The mean ovulatory response, total embryo recovery and transferable grade embryo decreased at the fourth treatment but the differences were non-significant indicating that superovulation can be done in cattle at short intervals.



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