Article Id: ARCC3124 | Page : 126-129
Citation :- GENETIC DIVE~GENCE IN PIGEONPEA [CAJANUS CAJAN (L.) MILLSP.].Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2000.(34):126-129
B.B. Thombre, R.P. Aher and D.V. Dahat
Address : Department of Agricultural Botany, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth. Rahuri, 413 722, India


Sixty four genotypes of plgeonpea were analysed for genetic diversity existing among them. These sixty four genotypes formed fifteen different diverse clusters. Genetic diversity was independent of their pedigree. Sufficient amount of variability was observed In these genotypes, which indicated scope for selecting more diverse parents to produce high heterotic effects and desirable segregants.



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