Article Id: ARCC2776 | Page : 224 - 227
Citation :- ANALYSIS OF YIELD COMPONENTS IN ONION.Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2006.(40):224 - 227
I.J. Golani, M.A. Vaddoria, D.R. Mehta, M.V. Naliyadhara and K.L. Dobariya
Address : Vegetable Research Station, Gujarat Agricultural University, Junagadh - 362 001, India


Evaluation of 32 genotypes of onion during rabi season revealed that the estimates of phenotypic
coefficient of variation (PCV) were greater than corresponding genotypic coefficient of variation
(GCV) for all the traits. Low heritability coupled with low GCV and genetic gain were observed for
all the characters indicating that these traits could not be improved by simple selection methods.
The genotypic correlation coefficients were higher than their corresponding phenotypic ones for
the most of the characters reflecting predominant role of heritable factors. Bulb yield displayed
significant and positive phenotypic and genotypic associations with number of leaves per plant,
bulb length, bulb girth and 10-bulb weight. Path coefficient analysis explained that number of leaves per plant and bulb girth exerted maximum positive and direct effect on yield suggesting to give emphasis on such traits while imposing selection for amenability in bulb yield of onion.



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