Has demonetization triggered farmers to move towards cashless transactions?

DOI: 10.18805/IJARe.A-4967    | Article Id: A-4967 | Page : 305-309
Citation :- Has demonetization triggered farmers to move towards cashless transactions?.Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2018.(52):305-309
Sant Kumar, Rajni Jain, Abimanyu Jhajhria, S.V. Bangaraju and S.J. Balaji sant.kumar@icar.gov.in
Address : ICAR-National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research, New Delhi-110 012, India.
Submitted Date : 23-12-2017
Accepted Date : 13-03-2018


This paper has documented the difficulties faced by farmers due to demonetization, facilities existing for making digital payments and farmers’ opinion about it. The study has used primary data collected through farm survey done in October 2017, almost a year after demonetization. The survey was made in three adopted villages under MGMG (Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav) scheme in Palwal district of Haryana. Results have shown that due to demonetization farmers faced numerous difficulties (both crop production and family related activities). They could not use quality inputs (particularly seeds of wheat) in desired quantity, got delayed payment of their crop produce and faced problems in drawing money from bank. Family and societal needs were also affected. Payment in cash was the main mode of transactions (and even now) for food and non-food articles. Analysis revealed that large number of farmers have bank account and are availing facilities of debit cum ATM card, but their functional literacy and infrastructure are inadequate. Farmers’ expressed both merits and demerits about digital payments. Nevertheless, without removing fear of farmers and other rural people and bringing change in their attitude, moving towards digital mode of transactions will not trigger desired results. 


Agriculture Demonetization Digital transaction Farmer Infrastructure.


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