Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 39 issue 3 (september 2020) : 207-211

Analysis of Ewe Longevity and Lamb Survival in Teleorman Black Head Sheep

Rodica Stefania Pelmus, Horia Grosu, Mircea Cãtãlin Rotar, Mihail Alexandru Gras, Cristina Lazãr, Florin Popa
1National Research-Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition, Management of Animal Genetic Resources Laboratory, Calea Bucuresti No. 1, 077015, Balotesti, Romania.
Cite article:- Pelmus Stefania Rodica, Grosu Horia, Rotar Cãtãlin Mircea, Gras Alexandru Mihail, Lazãr Cristina, Popa Florin (2020). Analysis of Ewe Longevity and Lamb Survival in Teleorman Black Head Sheep. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 39(3): 207-211. doi: 10.18805/ajdfr.DR-164.
Background: The aim of this paper was to estimate the genetic parameters for the longevity of ewes and lamb survival at 30 days in a Teleorman Black Head Sheep population.
Methods: Data was analysed with survival model.
Result: Mean length of productive life of ewes was 673.16 days. The heritability for longevity was 0.097 and for lambs’ survival at 30 days was 0.098. The breeding value of the best sheep for longevity as productive life ranged from 0.081 months to 0.129 months and for the best lambs for survival at 30 days ranged from 0.041 days to 0.127 days. The results obtained in survival analysis are showing that the improvement of environmental conditions will increase longevity of ewes and survivability of lambs. Daily and careful monitoring of the health of sheep was performed. It was ensured administration of feed and water in a proper state of hygiene, a suckling and milking hygienic and a proper microclimate. Regarding the utility, longevity is a trait that is recommended to be used in local sheep breeding programs in Romania.
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