Effect of chemicals on shelf life of (Syzygium cuminii Skeels) CV. Local

DOI: 10.18805/ag.D-4601    | Article Id: D-4601 | Page : 68-70
Citation :- Effect of chemicals on shelf life of (Syzygium cuminii Skeels) CV. Local.Agricultural Science Digest.2018.(38):68-70
A.C. Dalvadi, K.D. Dodiya, D. Mamta Bhad, Tejal Chaudhari and R. Trambadiya ankurdalvadi1991@gmail.com
Address : Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh-362 001, Gujarat, India
Submitted Date : 28-03-2017
Accepted Date : 3-08-2017


An experiment was conducted at Department of Horticulture, Junagadh during the year 2015 to determine the effect of post harvest treatments on shelf life and quality of jamun (Syzygium cuminii Skeels.) cv. Local. A sum total of six post harvest treatments were given as T1-GA3 50 mg/l, T2-GA3 100 mg/l, T3-CaCl2 1 %, T4-CaCl2 1.5 %, T5-Ca(NO3)2 1.5 % and T6-Control (water). The fruits treated with CaCl2 1.5 % showed significantly reduced physiological loss in weight, spoilage loss and the same treatment reported the significant result and taken maximum days to shrivelling initiation and maximum firmness, marketable fruits.


Jamun Physical parameters Quality Shelf life.


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