Response of sugarcane genotypes to different levels of fertilizers under rainfed condition of Assam, India

DOI: 10.18805/asd.v0iOF.7321    | Article Id: D-4508 | Page : 83-84
Citation :- Response of sugarcane genotypes to different levels of fertilizersunder rainfed condition of Assam, India .Agricultural Science Digest.2017.(37):83-84

Mahima Begum*, Bijnan Chandra Bordoloi and Dhiman Dev Singla

Address :

Sugarcane Research Station, Assam Agricultural University, Buralikson-785 618, India.

Submitted Date : 27-10-2016
Accepted Date : 26-12-2016


A field experiment was conducted in spring planted sugarcane at Sugarcane Research Station, Buralikson, Assam, India during 2014-15 and 2015-16 to evaluate the response of promising mid-late maturing sugarcane genotypes under three levels of fertilizers. Three mid-late maturing promising genotypes, viz. CoBln 14504, CoBln 14505, CoBln 14506 along with a recommended variety CoBln 94063 as check were tested under three levels of NPK fertilizers i.e. 75% RD of NPK, 100%RD of NPK and 125% RD of NPK (135:70:60). Result revealed that among the tested genotypes, CoBln 14505 recorded significantly the higher cane yield (66.50t/ha), NMC (68.10 thousand/ha) over the check as well as other two genotypes. In case of fertilizer, 125% recommended dose of NPK recorded significantly higher cane yield (62.91 t/ha) than the both 75% and 100% recommended dose of NPK. 


Fertilizer dose Rainfed Sugarcane genotypes.


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