Reproductive Performance of Japanese Quail Hens (Coturnixcoturnix japonica) Fed with Feed Restriction Regimes during Growth Period

DOI: 10.18805/ag.D-145    | Article Id: D-145 | Page : 163-166
Citation :- Reproductive Performance of Japanese Quail Hens(Coturnixcoturnix japonica) Fed with Feed RestrictionRegimes during Growth Period.Agricultural Science Digest.2019.(39):163-166
R T Hertamawati, Suyadi, E Soedjarwo, O Sjofjan rosa_th@yahoo.co.id
Address :
Postgraduate Faculty of Animal Science, Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia
Submitted Date : 24-03-2019
Accepted Date : 6-05-2019


 Reproductive performance of quail hens (Coturnixcoturnix japonica) at sexual maturity was evaluated following two feeding restriction programs (100%, 90% and 80% of ad libitum) and energy metabolism (EM) of ration: 2900 Kcal/kg and 2800 Kcal/kg) between 2 weeks and 5 weeks of age with five replicates of 10 chicks per replicate. Body weight and feed conversion were measured weekly during feed restriction. After experimental feeding treatment, age at first egg, BW, egg weight, development of reproductive organ on sexual maturity were evaluated of one hen’s quail per treatment. The results of the experiment indicated that the restricted feeding until 80% of ad libitum was consequently (p <0.01) delayed sexual maturity and influence the development of the reproductive organ. However, it did not show significant influence on the body weight of the first-laid egg and initial egg production. Restricted feeding at 90% of ad libitum and EM ration 2900 Kcal/kg showed the best results for quail feed management during growth


Egg production Energy metabolism Reproductive organ Sexual maturity.


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