Computer-aided Stress Analysis of a Model of Tractor Mounted Auger Drill

DOI: 10.18805/ag.D-139    | Article Id: D-139 | Page : 90-95
Citation :- Computer-aided Stress Analysis of a Model of TractorMounted Auger Drill.Agricultural Science Digest.2019.(39):90-95
Abdullah Beyaz, Dilara Gerdan abdullahbeyaz@gmail.com
Address :
Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies, Engineering, Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Diskapi, Ankara, Turkey
Submitted Date : 27-02-2019
Accepted Date : 19-04-2019


Auger drilling, which is a digging method that a large helical drilling part gets out the soil from the earth. Different types of auger drillers are available today, and they are widely used in agricultural works. In this study, an 300 mm diameter auger drill was modeled, for agricultural works, and it was analyzed efficiently in Autodesk Inventor software with the help of Nastran in computer-aided design (CAD) module. According to the analysis, Von Misses stress analysis result was found as maximum 2266 MPa and minimum 0 MPa. Also, Safety Factor analysis result was found as maximum 15 uL and minimum 0.11 uL.


Agricultural Machinery Auger drill Computer-aided design Stress analysis Stress distribution.


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