Posture determination by using flex sensor and image analysis technique

DOI: 10.18805/ag.D-127    | Article Id: D-127 | Page : 257-262
Citation :- Posture determination by using flex sensor and image analysis technique.Agricultural Science Digest.2017.(37):257-262
Abdullah Beyaz abdullahbeyaz@gmail.com
Address : Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering, Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Turkey
Submitted Date : 19-06-2017
Accepted Date : 26-10-2017


In the sense of safety, searching solutions for the problems of farmers may face during their work in the field of agriculture is important. For this reason, in this research, developments in sensor technology and price declines are also considering, a safety tracking system with an audible warning support developed for any threshold value that selected during a posture angle measure of agricultural work. To achieve this goal the low cost, 11.25 cm long flex sensor is used with Arduino UNO R3 Development Board. In this way, human motion information for different purposes determined with flex sensors which placed on the various joints as a biometric application. Posture measurement also evaluated with image analysis technique. The system performance revealed the relationship between flex sensor and image analysis measurements, the regression coefficient between the angle change and the voltage output of the flex sensor found as 88.9 %, also it is seen that the regression relation between the angle change and the voltage output of the flex sensor fort he arm angle measurement is 80.7 % and the regression value for the leg angle measurement is 79.9 %.


Agriculture Arduino Flex sensor Image analysis Posture identification.


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