Article Id: ARCC945 | Page : 131 - 135
Citation :- CHEMICAL CONTROL OF SAWFLY, ATHALIA LUGENS PROXIMA (KLUG) ON RADISH.Agricultural Science Digest.2011.(31):131 - 135
D.R. Ramoliya, K.L. Raghvani, D.M. Jethva and R.T. Rahod
Address : Department of Entomology, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh - 362 001, India.


Nine different insecticidal treatments were tested against Athalia lugens proxima (Klug) on radish at college farm, Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh during rabi, 2007-08. The result on the efficacy of different insecticidal treatments showed that the treatment with spinosad 0.007 per cent, thiodicarb 0.075 per cent, quinalphos 0.05 per cent and endosulfan 0.07 per cent were found highly effective for the control of this pest. The remaining treatments viz., cartap hydrochloride 0.05 per cent and profenphos 0.05 per cent were found less effective. Significantly the highest radish yield (216.39 q/ha) was recorded with spinosad 0.007 per cent. However, it was found statistically at par with thiodicarb 0.075 per cent (202.50 q/ha), quinalphos 0.05 per cent (194.25 q/ha) and endosulfan 0.07 per cent (190.00 q/ha). On the basis of cost benefit ratio (CBR), endosulfan 0.07 per cent registered the highest cost benefit ratio (1: 9.00) and thus, found to be the most economical insecticide against sawfly infesting radish.


Sawfly chemical control Athalia lugens proxima (Klug) Radish.


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