Article Id: ARCC643 | Page : 214-218
S.D. Bhawsar*, S.D. Patil and B.A. Chopade dr.sonalibhawsar@indiatimes.com
Address : Department of Microbiology University of Pune,Pune-411 007, India


Acinetobacter haemolyticus, A19 produced IAA in presence of different wheat root exudates and also in absence of standard precursor tryptophan in production medium. IAA production was increased with concentration of L-tryptophan from 50-200µg/ml in growth medium. However similar results were not obtained when indole, a structural analog of IAA was used as a precursor. HPLC analysis showed that using tryptophan and indole as precursors, IAA was synthesized by A19 by two possible routes via tryptamine and indole-3 acetonitrile as intermediates.


Acinetobacter Root exudates Tryptophan Indole HPLC analysis.


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