Article Id: ARCC5162 | Page : 126-128
Citation :- ALLELOPATHIC EFFECT OF KUKRONDA (BLUMEA LACERA L.) ON LINSEED.Agricultural Science Digest.2000.(20):126-128
P.Oudhia and R.S. Tripathi
Address : Department of Agronomy, Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, Ralpur-492001, India


A1lelopathic effects of Blumea Lacera L. on linseed were ilivestigated. Root, stem, leaf
and stem+leaf of Blumea lacera L. were allowed to decay for 120, 168; 216 and 264 hrs in
normal water in the ratio of 1:10w/v of plant material and water respectively. Unseed variety
Kiran was used as test crop. Different extracts of Blumea produced significant effects on
germination and seedling vigour of linseed. At 5, 7, 9 and 11 DAS, stem extract of 120 hr.
produced maximum germination and 11 DAS, leaf extract of 168 hr suppressed the germination
of linseed. Positive (inhibitory) aUelopathlc effect of different part and decaying periods
was noted in case of shoot length. Leaf extract of 264 hr promoted the root elongation. Stem
extract and root extract of 120 hr resulted in maxlinum shoot'and root weight, respectively


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