Article Id: ARCC5119 | Page : 13-16
Citation :- GENETIC DIVERGENCE IN CORIANDER.Agricultural Science Digest.2000.(20):13-16
K.C. Patel, A.S. Tiwari and H.S. Kushwaha
Address : College of Agriculture and Research Institute, Gwalior-4740G2, India


Forty eight genotypes of Corlandrum satlvum L. were collected from different
villages of an Important and major coriander growing dlstrlct-Guna (Madhya Pradesh).
Data were recorded on 10 different characters. D-square values between pairs of
genotypes ranged from 2.50 to 96.96. By using D2 analysis the genotypes were
grouped Into nine clusters. The clustering was at random and without any relationship
between genet!:: diversity and geographic diversity. Seed yield per plant had
highest contribution towards genetic divergence followed by secondary branches
and umbellets per plant.


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