Article Id: ARCC5035 | Page : 129 - 130
Citation :- PATH COEFFICIENT-ANALYSIS IN CASHEW.Agricultural Science Digest.2001.(21):129 - 130
R.Swarna Piria and N.Manivannan
Address : National Pulses Research Centre. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Vamban Colony - 622 303, India


Eleven characters namely collar girth of the tree, leaf length, leaf breadth, panicle length, panicle breadth, number of nuts/panicle. apple length, apple girth, apple weight, single nut weight and nut yield/tree were recorded on six genotypes of cashew. The correlation analysis showed that characters, collar girth, leaf length and number of nuts/panicle had significantly positive association with nut yield/tree. The path analysis revealed that collar girth, panicle breadth, number of nuts/panicle, apple weight and nut weight had high or very high direct effect on nut yield/tree. Most of the characters had high positive indirect effect through collar girth and high negative indirect effect through apple weight on nut yield/tree. Hence, the characters collar girth, panicle breadth, number of nuts/panicle, apple weight and nut weight should be considered as selection indices in the cashew improvement programme.


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