Article Id: ARCC5017 | Page : 71 - 74
Citation :- COMBINING ABIUTY FOR CHARACTERS aElATED TO EARLINESS IN CASTOR.Agricultural Science Digest.2001.(21):71 - 74
H.J. Joshi-, D.R. Mehta- and B.S. Jadon
Address : Gujarat Agricuhural University, Sardar Krushinagar - 385 506, India


Combining ability analysis was undertaken using hne x tester mating design involving four females and 28 males under four environments for earliness and its related traits in castor. The analysis of variance indicated preponderance of non-additive type of gene action in the expression of all the four traits. Parents RCG 5, EC 103745, Bhagya for early flowering and maturity; JI 77, SH 16, Hazarl 1 for dwarf plant height and SH 21, SH 16, RCG 5 for lesser number of nodes upto main spike were best general combiners. The Cross SKP 93 x VI 9 for days to flowering and cays to maturity; VP 1 x SA 2 for plant height and SKP 93 x SKI 12 for number of nodes upto main spike was the best specific combinations to exploit non-fixilble components.


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