Article Id: ARCC4708 | Page : 65 - 66
Citation :- PHYSICO-CHEMICAL QUALITY OF BAEL (AEGLEMARMELOS CORREA) CULTIVARS.Agricultural Science Digest.2004.(24):65 - 66
KK Srivastava*and H.K Singh
Address : Department of Horticulture, . Narendra Deo University of Agriculture and Technology, Faizabad - 224229, India


Four cultivars viz., ‘Narendra Bael4’ ‘Narendra Bael-5’. ‘Narendra Bael-T’ and ‘Narendra Bael-9’ had been identified. An experiment was laid out to evaluate these commercially important cultivars. The heaviest fruit weight (3.618kg), skull thickness (1.98mm), fruit length (19.50 cm), fruit breadth (21.25 cm), number of seed/fruit (112) and fibre content (335.0 g/kg FF) was recorded in ‘Narendra Bael-7’, where as minimum fruit weight (0.98 kg), fruit length (14 cm) and fruit, breadth (13.60cm) recorded ‘Narendra Bael 4’. However, minimum fibre content and seed/fruit were recorded in ‘Narendra Bael-9’ and ‘Narendra Bael-5’ Maximum total soluble solids (38%), ascorbic acid (15.50 mg/100g) and total sugar content recorded in ‘Narendra Bael-5’. Though, minimum total soluble solids (24%), ascorbic acid (11.05 mg/100g) and total sugars (9.12%) recorded in ‘Narendra Bael 7’


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