Article Id: ARCC4695 | Page : 30 - 32
Citation :- GENETICS OF YIELD ATIRIBUTES IN MAIZE (ZE4 MAYS L.).Agricultural Science Digest.2004.(24):30 - 32
P. Kumar and S.C. Gupta
Address : Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur - 313 001, India


The inbred lines and single cross hybrids (F' 1s), generated through a 12 x 12 diallel crossing system (12 inbreds of S 4/S 5 stage derived from divergent heterotic pools, viz., X 1W, X 2W and population 30) were evaluated in a randomized block design replicated thrice, under rainfed and irrigated conditions on clay loam and sandy loam soils. The estimates of variances suggested that all the traits under study were governed by additive (σ 2A), non-additive (σ 2D) and cytoplasmic (σ 2R) inheritance with predominant non-additive gene action. The higher GCA effects and per se performance revealed that inbreds P 1, P 2 and P 11 were good general combiners with good performance for grain yield and its various contributing traits, while higher estimates of heterobeltiosis, economic heterosis, SCA effects and per se performance revealedthathybrids(P 3 x P 4),(P 3 x P 7), (P 6 x P 8), (P 4 x P 11) and (P 7 x P 12) were superior for grain yield and various yield attributes.


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