Article Id: ARCC4577 | Page : 209 - 211
Citation :- HETEROSIS IN INDIAN BEAN.Agricultural Science Digest.2006.(26):209 - 211
M.G. Valu*, D.K. Varu, H.M. Pandya, K.K. Dhedhi and P.R. Borkhatariya
Address : Millet Research Station, Gujarat Agricultural University, Jamnagar - 361 006, India


Heterosis for pod yield and its component traits was studied in 21 crosses of Indian bean {Lablab purpureus(L) Sweet, syn. Dolichos lablab L.}. High magnitude of heterotic effect was detected for pod yield per plant and its component characters. Heterosis in pod yield was reflected through number of branches per plant, pod length, number of seeds per pod and number of pods per plant in most of the crosses.


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