Article Id: ARCC4568 | Page : 182 - 184
Citation :- VARIABILITY AND CHARACTER ASSOCIATION STUDIES IN RICE (ORYZA SATIVA L.).Agricultural Science Digest.2006.(26):182 - 184
P. Deepa Sankar, A. Sheeba and J. Anbumalarmathi
Address : Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai - 625 104, India


Studies on variability, correlation and path-coefficients were made on single plant yield and its components in 34 rice genotypes. CSR 23, TRY1, CO 43, IR 71910-3R-2-1, IR 72048-B-R-l 1-1-1 and AD 01004 were identified as promising genotypes for multiple desirable traits. High hertability and genetic advance were obtained for the traits days to 50 per cent flowering, plant height, productive tillers/plant, panicle length, grains/panicle, 100 seed weight and single plant yield. Spikelet fertility exhibited high heritability and moderate genetic advance. Single plant yield was positively and significantly correlated with days to 50 per cent flowering, productive tillers/plant, panicle length and grains/panicle and hence can be taken as indices for improving yield in rice. The correlated traits except panicle length exhibited high positive direct effects towards single plant yield.


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