Article Id: ARCC4523 | Page : 45 - 47
Citation :- A MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS OF OKRA GENOTYPES.Agricultural Science Digest.2006.(26):45 - 47
K.D. Patel, L.K. Dhaduk, D.R. Mehta and H.M. Pandya
Address : Vegetable Research Station, Gujarat Agricultural University, Junagadh - 362 001, India


The genetic distance for 26 genotypes of okra were estimated using D2 statistics. The results revealed that 26 genotypes were grouped in to six clusters viz., I to VI clusters. Cluster I topped in having maximum number of genotypes (18) among the six clusters formed. Cluster II and IV had minimum two genotypes each, while cluster V and VI were solitary in nature. The highest inter cluster distance were observed between cluster V and VI followed by cluster II and V, cluster II and VI as well as cluster IV and V which may be served as potential parents for hybridization programme. Among the traits studied, more than 86 per cent of total divergence were contributed by five traits viz., fruit yield, day to 50 per cent flowering, fruit girth, fruit length and length of internode.


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