Article Id: ARCC2614 | Page : 295 - 297
Citation :- PERSISTENCE OF PENDIMETHALIN IN SOIL APPLIED TO DIFFERENT CROPS.Agricultural Science Digest.2008.(28):295 - 297
Asha Arora and S.S. Tomar
Address : All India Coordinated Research Programme on Weed Control, J.N.K.V.V., College of Agriculture, Gwalior-474 002 (M.P.), India


An experiment was conducted at during rabi season 2004–05 to determine the persistence of pendimethalin in soil applied to eight different crops (gram, lentil, linseed, safflower, rajma, fenugreek, fennel and coriander) using bioassay technique. Maize was used as sensitive crop. Plant height, fresh weight and dry weight were significantly affected by pendimethalin up to 75 days after application (DAA) while effect of crops and the interaction were non-significant. Plant height in pendimethalin treated soil was reduced by 31.0, 29.5, 22.7, 22.0 and 8.5 per cent as compared to control at 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 DAA respectively. Similar trend in reduction of fresh and dry weight of maize due to pendimethalin were observed. This suggest that pendimethalin persisted in soil under different crops up to 75 DAA and beyond that no residues were left in soil.


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