Article Id: ARCC2526 | Page : 26 - 29
Citation :- INHERITANCE OF ANTHOCYANIN PIGMENTATION IN WHEAT (TRITICUM AESTIVUM L.).Agricultural Science Digest.2008.(28):26 - 29
R.K. Kamboj
Address : Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, SKN collage of Agriculture, Jobner – 303 329, India


The inheritance of anthocyanin pigmentation in auricle and leaf sheath was in five crosses of four genotypes recording expression and two genotypes of wheat. Viz. KRL1-4 x C306, and leaf sheath KRL 1-4 x Kh65, KRL 35x Kh65, HD4530x Kh65 and WS-5 x Kh65. The study revealed that red auricle colour was inherited as dominant trait. The auricle colour segregated in 3red: 2 white ratio in cross KRL 1-4 x C306, 15red: 1 white in crosses HD 4530 x Kh65 and 13red: 3 white in the cross WS-5 Kh65. While in crosses KRL 1-4 x Kh65 and KRL 35 x Kh65 a dihybrid ratio of 9red: 7white was observed. In leaf sheath the expression of anthocyanin pigment ation in F1 of all the crosses except KRL35 x Kh65 was inherited as dominant trait. The anthocyanin pigmentation in leaf sheath segregated into 3:1 in cross HD 4530 x Kh65, KRL 1-4 x Kh65 and KRL 1-4 x C306 while a dihybrid ratio of 7:9 in cross KRL35 x Kh65, and 13:3 in the cross WS –5 x Kh65 was observed


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