Article Id: ARCC2191 | Page : 267-270
Citation :- ORGANIC FARMING IN SOYBEAN-WHEAT CROPPING SEQUENCE.Agricultural Science Digest.2009.(29):267-270
A.B. Gosavi, D.S. Potdar, P.D. Sonawane, G.N. Shirpurkar and P.N. Rasal
Address : Agricultural Research Station, Niphad, 422 303, Dist. Nashik, India.


During 2005-06 to 2007-08, a field experiment on organic farming in soybean-wheat cropping
sequence was conducted to evaluate organic vis-à-vis inorganic fertilizers for the cropping system
and also for soil sustainability. Grain yield of both the crops, i.e. soybean (31.67 qha-1) and
wheat (52.92 qha-1), was observed to be significantly superior by fertilizer application as per
general recommended dose of respective crops. Integrated application of fertilizers i.e. inorganic
fertilizers 50% and organic fertilizers 50% was found to be the next superior treatment to that of
general recommended dose. Soil properties were improved by use of organic and inorganic
fertilizers in combination. However, no significant change was observed in case of soil pH and
electrical conductivity.


Organic farming Soybean Wheat Soil sustainability.


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