Article Id: ARCC2163 | Page : 157-162
Citation :- EFFECT OF PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS ON GROWTH AND YIELD PARAMETERS OF PAPRIKA cv.KtPl-19.Agricultural Science Digest.2009.(29):157-162
K. Kannan, M. Jawaharlal and M. Prabhu
Address : Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore-641 003, India


The increased fruit drop, decreased percentage of fruit set and delay in flowering are the
major issues lead to low productivity in paprika. Therefore, the field experiments on effect of
growth regulators on paprika cv. KtPl-19 was carried out by using randomized block design at
coconut garden of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore during July 2002 and Dec.2002.
The greatest plant height was observed at NAA 50 ppm at vegetative, flowering and harvest
stages during winter and summer seasons. The application of GA3 at 50 ppm showed the highest
number of primary branches per plant during winter and summer seasons. The highest number of
leaves per plant was observed with NAA at 50 ppm in vegetative stage in both the seasons, at
flowering stage GA3 at 50 ppm in winter and NAA at 50 ppm in summer and at harvest stage GA3
at 50 ppm in winter and summer. Early flowering and highest fruit yield were achieved by the
treatment with NAA 50 ppm during winter and summer seasons. Based on the results, it can be
concluded that NAA 50 ppm had positive effect on plant growth, early flowering and yield potential.


Fruit drop Growth regulators Papprika Yield.


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