Article Id: ARCC1412 | Page : 168- 172
Citation :- GENETIC CATALOGUING OF HELICONIA GENOTYPES.Agricultural Science Digest.2010.(30):168- 172
R. Swarna Priya
Address : Floriculture Research Station, Thovalai – 629 302, Kanyakumari District, India


Heliconias are wonderful tropical plants, known for the beauty of their flowers. These flowers
exhibit a wide array of colours lead by red, pink, orange, yellow, green, combined with different
sizes and shape. Therefore this study on genetic cataloguing was attempted with twenty seven
genotypes of Heliconia keeping in view of their utility in further breeding programmes. A wide
range of variation was observed among the genotypes for several morphological characters. It
was observed that most of the genotypes were medium in plant height (41.3%) and produced 5-
10 suckers. With respect to the spike orientation, variations were observed and three types of
orientation were noticed, while 77.79 % genotypes produced erect spikes, a few genotypes
(7.40%) had pendulous spikes. Semi pendant orientation was observed in 14.81 percent of the
genotypes. The flowers were large and showy and with bright colours viz., red, pink, yellow and
orange. As this crop is gaining popularity as a new cut flower, this study will pave a base for
formulating the descriptive blank and to breed new varieties with desirable qualities for
commercial adaptation.


Heliconia Genetic cataloguing


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