Article Id: ARCC1397 | Page : 110 - 114
Citation :- MODEL TO MEASURE INTERNET EXPOSURE.Agricultural Science Digest.2010.(30):110 - 114
Meena C. Patel and N.B. Chauhan
Address : Polytechnic in Food Science & Home Economics, Anand Agricultural University, Anand – 388 110, India


To measure Internet exposure methodical model was decided to be developed by selecting
the indicators .The relevancy of indicator was judged by 60 judges and finally 10 indicators
were selected to measure Internet exposure. The split-half technique was used to measure the
reliability of the indicators, which was 0.72. Mean weightage score of ten Indicators was worked
out. For this, 20 experts were requested to give their opinion by assigning score value, based on
importance of each indicator in a way that total score for all indicators become 100. Based on
finally selected 10 indicators, prolific Internet exposure of post graduates of Anand Agriculture
University, Anand, Gujarat was measured


Internet exposure Indicator


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