Influence of phosphorus on yield and quality of promising varieties of soybean (Glycine max L. Merril) under rainfed condition

DOI: 10.18805/ag.A-4109    | Article Id: A-4109 | Page : 65-67
Citation :- Influence of phosphorus on yield and quality of promising varieties of soybean (Glycine max L. Merril) under rainfed condition.Agricultural Science Digest.2018.(38):65-67
Edwin Luikham, Kamalesh Kumar and P.S. Mariam Anal edluikham@rediffmail.com
Address : College of Agriculture, Central Agricultural University, Imphal-795004, Manipur, India
Submitted Date : 1-04-2014
Accepted Date : 9-03-2018


A field experiment was couducted during kharif season of 2010 at the  College of Agriculture, Central Agricultural University, Imphal to study the effect of phosphorus on yield and quality of promising varieties of soybean under rainfed condition. Results revealed that application of phosphorus significantly influenced the number of pods per plant, seeds per pod, test weight, seed yield, oil and protein content. The highest seed yield was recorded with the application of phosphorus at 60 kg P2O5/ha and stover yield with 90 kg P2O5/ha. However, the oil and protein contents in seed were significantly increased with the application of phosphorus up to 30 kg P2O5/ha. Residual available nitrogen and phosphorus in soil were increased with increased level of phosphorus up to 90 kg P2O5. Comparable seed yield was recorded in Local and Bragg varieties. Higher protein and oil contents were recorded in Bragg compared to other varieties.   The residual available nitrogen was significantly enhanced by cultivation of Bragg   over the local variety.


Phosphorus Soybean Yield Quality Protein


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