Role Of Reviewer

Manuscript reviewers are vital to the publication process. ARCC relies on the peer review process to maintain the quality of articles and the journals. 

We are often looking to expand journal pool of reviewers, which means there will be a demand for your particular area of expertise.

  • Reviewer may anticipate receiving occasional requests to review papers close to their area of interest. The reviewing load is modest and should be as per reviewer convenience. Reviewer is expected to respond to the invitation as soon as possible, delay in reviewer decision slows down the review process, whether reviewer agree to review or not. If reviewer decline the invitation, provide suggestions for alternative reviewers.
  • Give comments and suggestions, including about layout and format, Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, language and References in a prescribed comments sheet.
  • The reviewers should have no conflict of interest with the authors and the subject matter of the research.
  • Reviewers should not consider manuscripts in which they have conflicts of interest resulting from competitive, collaborative or other relationship with any of authors or institutions connected to the papers.
  • The evaluation of manuscripts is made on the basis of their scholarly and intellectual content without having regard to the nature of the authors or the institution including gender, race, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the authors.

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