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​Chip Detection of Rabbit Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells and 293T Cells Induced by Chicken Egg White Extract Shows Significant Differences in the Signaling Pathways that Regulate the Pluripotency of Stem Cells

Guang-ping Ruan, Xiang Yao, Ping Mo, Kai Wang, Jie He, Zai-ling Yang, Rong-qing Pang, Xiang-qing Zhu, Xing-hua Pan
Background: Stem cell protein chips can detect stem cell-associated proteins expressed in cells. 
Methods: We isolated and cultured rabbit peripheral blood mononuclear cells (R-PBMCs) in two bottles, one containing medium and one containing medium with 40% chicken egg white extract. Similarly, 293T cells were also divided into two vials: one vial contained medium and one vial contained medium with 40% chicken egg white extract. After 3 days of culture, proteins were extracted from the cells and used for the stem cell protein chip.
Result: Protein chip detection showed that 10 stem cell-associated proteins were increased in the rabbit peripheral blood mononuclear cells induced by chicken egg white extract. There were also 4 stem cell-associated proteins increased in the 293T cells induced by chicken egg white extract. The results of KEGG enrichment analysis indicated that peripheral blood mononuclear cells of rabbits were involved in the regulation of stem cell pluripotency before and after induction. Moreover, 293T cells were involved in the regulation of stem cell pluripotency before and after induction.

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