Analysis of polymorphism of growth hormone secretagogue receptor in goat

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-904    | Article Id: B-904 | Page : 856-859
Citation :- Analysis of polymorphism of growth hormone secretagogue receptor in goat.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2019.(53):856-859
J.Y. Bai, Y.G . Zhao, G.L. Li, Y.B. Yang, Y.Q. Wang, X.Wang and S.Yang
Address : College of Animal Science and Technology, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471 003, China.
Submitted Date : 5-02-2018
Accepted Date : 27-05-2018


Two pairs of primers (GHSR-3, GHSR-4) were used to amplify GHSR gene of Boer goat, Yaoshan goat and black goat. Totally two mutation sites (SNP loci), G200A and T628C were detected in amplification fragments of GHSR-3 and GHSR-4 respectively. For locus G200A, allele frequencies of G and A in Yaoshan goat, Boer goat and black goat were 0.637/0.595/0.827 and 0.363/0.450/0.173, respectively, which indicated that G was the dominant allele in three goat populations. G200A was synonymous mutation. For locus T628C, allele frequencies of C and T in Yaoshan goat, Boer goat and black goat were 0.466/0.449/0.458 and 0.534/0.551/0.542 respectively. Clustering analysis based on GHSR gene sequences of different species showed that Boer goat, Yaoshan goat and black goat were clustered with Capra hircus firstly, then clustered with Ovis aries and Pantholops hodgsonii, and finally clustered with cattle and whale. 


Boer goat GHSR gene Phylogenetic tree SNP loci


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