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Peripartum Supplementation of Rumen Protected Choline and Fat and Se+Vit E in Gir Cows Economically Improves Endocrine Profile and Reproductive Performance

A.J. Dhami, K.B. Vala, M.R. Chavda, D.N. Patel, S.S. Parikh, B.B. Javia, N.P. Sarvaiya
Background: The negative energy balance around calving and in early lactation is the major cause of increased incidence of postpartum metabolic disorders, reduced milk production and impaired reproductive performance. This study was aimed to evaluate the effect of rumen protected choline, fat supplementation and Vit-E and selenium  injections on plasma endocrine profile, postpartum productivity, fertility and economics in transitional Gir cows. 
Methods: Forty advanced pregnant multiprous Gir cows of an organized farm were randomly distributed into five equal groups (T1 to T5; n=8 each) and were fed and managed individually from 30 days prepartum till 60 days postpartum. Cows in T1 (control) group were fed basal diet, while cows in treatment groups received basal diet + supplementation of rumen protected choline-RPC @ 45 g/d/cow (T2), rumen protected fat-RPF @ 80 g/d/cow from -30 to +15 days peripartum and then @ 10 g/kg milk yield (T3), RPC and RPF in combination @ as above (T4) and  Inj. E-Care Se(R) 10 ml i/m (Vit-E 500 mg and Se 15 mg) on days -30, -15, 0, +15, +30 and +45 peripartum (T5) along with blood samples for estimation of plasma levels of insulin, IGF1, PGFM, estradiol (E2), progesterone (P4) and cortisol. The puerperal events and fertility parameters were recorded till 10 months postpartum. 
Result: The fortnightly plasma P4 concentration decreased, while E2, PGFM and cortisol increased gradually and significantly (P<0.01) from 30 days prepartum to day of calving and thereafter P4, E2 and cortisol remained basal or very low, while PGFM decreased till 45-60 days postpartum, overall and in all groups. The treatment effect was significant (P<0.01) only for E2 and PGFM, with higher values of E2 in T3 and T4 groups and of PGFM in T1 and T2 than in T5 group. The insulin and IGF1 concentrations fluctuated insignificantly during prepartum phase with significantly lowest values till 15 and 30 days postpartum and thereafter only IGF1 increased significantly by day 60 postpartum. The treatment effect was also significant at some intervals with overall highest values of both the metabolic hormones in T1 followed by T5 and T2 than T3 and T4 groups. The uterine involution was significantly earlier in all treatment groups than in control. The first heat postpartum (days) was significantly earlier in group T5 (33.6±3.4), delayed in group T1 (63.5±9.5) and intermediate in Group T2 to T4. The conception rates postpartum were 50.0, 75.0, 62.5, 75.0 and 87.5% in groups T1 to T5, respectively, with significantly reduced service period (days) in T5 (96.3±14.6), followed by T2 (137.3±11.2), than T1, T3 and T4 groups (187 to 214 days). The overall net returns over feed cost of milk yield and reduced service period in T2, T3, T4 and T5 groups over control T1 were Rs. +15898, +6150, +7165 and +24060, respectively. The findings reflected the beneficial and economic role of RPF alone or in combination with RPC and of Se + Vit E supplementation on peripartum endocrine profile and improved postpartum fertility in Gir cows.

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