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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 55 issue 11 (november 2021) : 1303-1307

The Ussing Chamber System: Functioning and Determination of Intestinal Transepithelial Electrical Measurements and Intestinal Integrity in Broiler Chickens

R. Umaya Suganthi, P.K. Malik, G.B. Manjunatha Reddy
1ICAR-National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bangalore-560 030, Karnataka, India.
Cite article:- Suganthi Umaya R., Malik P.K., Reddy Manjunatha G.B. (2021). The Ussing Chamber System: Functioning and Determination of Intestinal Transepithelial Electrical Measurements and Intestinal Integrity in Broiler Chickens. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 55(11): 1303-1307. doi: 10.18805/IJAR.B-4469.
Background: The epithelial barrier integrity reflects gut health in broiler chickens and impaired intestinal barrier is associated with production losses. So, the present report was undertaken to determine the transepithelial electrical measurements and intestinal integrity of intestinal tissues in broilers from retail shops in Bangalore, India using an Ussing chamber system.
Methods: For the present study, commercial broiler chickens were purchased from registered retail meat shops, sacrificed and the intestinal tissues were collected. The transepithelial electrical voltage, short circuit current and transepithelial electrical resistance were measured in jejunum using a contemporary Ussing chamber system following methodologies as detailed in the manuscript.
Result: The studied intestinal tissues exhibited transepithelial electrical movements across intestine and the integrity of intestinal tissues were maintained. The study also indicated the preservation of intestinal barrier integrity of broilers at the crucial destination of the live broiler chicken market which in turn ascertains the quality of the product offered to the customers.

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