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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 54 issue 11 (november 2020) : 1451-1454

Study on Genetic Polymorphism of IGF-1 Gene in Barbari and Jamunapari Goat

Mahesh Shivanand Dige, Rakesh Kaushik, Bhavana Kushwah, M.K. Singh, Saket Bhusan, P.K. Rout
1Animal Genetics and Breeding Division, ICAR-CIRG, Makhdoom, Mathura-281 122, Uttar Pradesh, India. 
Cite article:- Dige Shivanand Mahesh, Kaushik Rakesh, Kushwah Bhavana, Singh M.K., Bhusan Saket, Rout P.K. (2020). Study on Genetic Polymorphism of IGF-1 Gene in Barbari and Jamunapari Goat. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 54(11): 1451-1454. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-3893.
Insulin like growth factor (IGF 1) play an important role in the production and reproduction. One hundred and ninety two adult goats of Barbari and Jamunapari breed were taken for study. Data on growth traits were recorded to identify SNPs in the IGF-1gene by using High Resolution Melting (HRM) technique. Five fragments of IGF-1 were amplified length of amplicon were 105, 124, 150, 122 and 122 bp covering 5’UTR, 3’UTR, Exon 3, Exon 2 and 5’UTR regions, respectively and subsequently sequenced. The HRM analysis revealed no sequence variation among the samples of both breeds. Hence, the all five amplified fragments of IGF-1 gene showed monomorphic pattern and, no significant association could be detected with growth traits in Barbari and Jamunapari goats.
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