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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 54 issue 7 (july 2020) : 905-911

Management Practices for Rearing of Gangatiri Cattle in Native Tract

Puspendra Kumar Singh, G. Sankhala, P.K. Singh, Y.S. Jadoun
1ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal-132 001, Haryana, India.
Cite article:- Singh Kumar Puspendra, Sankhala G., Singh P.K., Jadoun Y.S. (2019). Management Practices for Rearing of Gangatiri Cattle in Native Tract. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 54(7): 905-911. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-3845.
The present study was purposively conducted in native tract of Gangatiri cattle in Uttar Pradesh. The information were collected from 108 respondents, who were rearing Gangatiri cattle for their livelihood. It was observed that most (53.70%) of the respondents practicing 6-10 hrs grazing of their Gangatiri herd. All the farmers were providing natural service to cows in estrus, maximum number of them (54.63%) between 12 to 16 hrs after detection of estrus and 53.70 per cent of them with bulls available in village surroundings. Maximum number of respondents (35.20%) initially used indigenous knowledge for disease treatment and after that consulted with veterinary doctor/ stockman. Major diseases prevelant in the area include FMD, HS, BQ and mastitis. Gangatiri cows were found to be more resistance to the diseases and heat tolerant as compared to crossbred cattle. Majority (81.48%) of respondents kept their cattle on kachcha floor in good sanitary conditions. About 70.37% respondents made cattle shed as a part of their houses. Majority (59.25 %) of the cattle owners were using knuckling method of milking, which may be a cause of mastitis in animals. It can be concluded that there is need of awareness programmes on scientific cattle rearing practices and interventions like supply of semen of bulls of high genetic merit under AI programme or bulls of good genetic merit for natural breeding, adequate grazing land and inputs for health management practices are needed to make the Gangatiri cattle rearing more beneficial.
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