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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 53 issue 1 (january 2019) : 19-23

Genetic characterization of local goats of Karnataka by microsatellite marker analysis*

R. Jayashree, M.R. Jayashankar, C.S. Nagaraja, Isloor Shrikrishna, K. Satyanarayana
1Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Veterinary College, Hebbal-560 024, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
Cite article:- Jayashree R., Jayashankar M.R., Nagaraja C.S., Shrikrishna Isloor, Satyanarayana K. (2018). Genetic characterization of local goats of Karnataka by microsatellite marker analysis*. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 53(1): 19-23. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-3458.
The diversity status of local goats of Karnataka was studied by using microsatellite marker analysis. The genomic DNA from unrelated local goats were PCR- amplified with a panel of 23 microsatellite markers. Microsatellite PCR products were multiplexed and run on capillary based genetic analyser and the raw data obtained was analysed. Totally 158 alleles were observed and the number of alleles ranged from three (ILSTS005 and OarJMP29) to 13 (RM088). The number of effective alleles ranged from 2.25 (ILSTS005) to 8.40 (RM088) in all the 23 loci studied. The mean observed heterozygosity (Ho) was 0.4698±0.2214 [range 0 (ETH225) to 0.8462 (ILSTS034)] and the mean expected heterozygosity (He) was 0.7471± 0.1098 [range 0.5656 (ILSTS005) to 0.9138 (SRCRSP 8)] indicating the heterogenous nature of the local goat population of Karnataka. 
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