Detection of mammalian-like group a rotavirus in diarrhoeic poultry using RNA-PAGE In Kerala, India

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-3415    | Article Id: B-3415 | Page : 1654-1655
Citation :- Detection of mammalian-like group a rotavirus in diarrhoeic poultry using RNA-PAGE In Kerala, India.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2018.(52):1654-1655
Rinsha Balan, M. Mini, P.M Priya, Siju Joseph and Surya Sankar
Address : Department of Veterinary Microbiology, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala-680 651, India
Submitted Date : 29-03-2017
Accepted Date : 12-12-2017


The present work was conducted to determine the prevalence of rotavirus infection among poultry birds having diarrhoea. A total of 143 faecal samples were collected from different parts of Kerala and screened for the presence of rotavirus using RNA polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (RNA-PAGE). Out of 143 samples, 5 (3.49%) were found to be positive in RNA PAGE with a migration pattern 4:2:3:2 of a mammalian-like electropherogroup A rotavirus. The study records the first evidence of rota virus detection from avian species in Kerala.


Diarrhoea Kerala Poultry RNA-PAGE Rotavirus.


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