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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 53 issue 5 (may 2019) : 622-627

Effects of fermented potato protein supplementation in drinking water on growth performance, carcass characteristics, small intestinal morphology and expression of IGF-1 and GHR genes in the liver of broiler chickens

S. Lertpimonpan, C. Rakangthong, C. Bunchasak, W. Loongyai
1Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture at Kasetsart University, Bangkok-10900, Thailand.
Cite article:- Lertpimonpan S., Rakangthong C., Bunchasak C., Loongyai W. (2019). Effects of fermented potato protein supplementation in drinking water on growth performance, carcass characteristics, small intestinal morphology and expression of IGF-1 and GHR genes in the liver of broiler chickens. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 53(5): 622-627. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-1102.
We investigated the effects of fermented potato protein (FPP), supplied through drinking water, on growth performance of broiler chickens. A total of 288 male broiler chickens were divided into two groups: a control group and an experimental group supplemented with 0.01% FPP in drinking water. The FPP group had a significantly higher BWG and ADG (P<0.01) and significantly improved FCR (P<0.05). The percentage of breast was significantly higher (P<0.05) in fermented potato protein (FPP) group. The FPP group had an increased villus height (P<0.05) in duodenum and jejunum. Expression of IGF-1 gene in the liver was significantly higher in the FPP group than in the control group (P<0.05), whereas GHR gene expression did not differ between the groups at 37 days. This study suggests that FPP supplementation in drinking water improves growth performance of broiler chickens by stimulating IGF-1 gene expression in the liver and improving the intestinal morphology.
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