Article Id: ARCC3512 | Page : 43-45
Citation :- FACTORS AFFECTING SOME ECONOMIC TRAITS IN MURRAH BUFFALOES.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2000.(34):43-45
Gopal Dass· and O.K. Sadana
Address : Dairy Cattle Breeding Division Nationdl Dairy Research Institute, Kamal -132 001, India


1176 first three lactation records of Murrah buffaloes maintained at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal and Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, spread over a period of 11 years were analysed to assess the influence of farm, season and period of calving and parity on peak yield, 305 days yield, complete lactation yield, lactation langth, dry period and calving interval. The least squares means were 12.04 ± 0.14 kg, 1934.77 ± 19.81 kg, 2067.74 ± 23.86 kg, 313.19 ± 2.77 days, 172.84 ± 5.52 days and 492.38 ± 5.82 days, respectively for the traits under study. Farm, period of calving, season of calving and parity showed highly significant (P<0.01) influence on all the traits except non significant effect of farm on peak yield and complete lactation yield and period of calving on dry period. Significant (P0.05) effect of period of calving on complete lactation yield and dry period and season of calving on peak yield and dry period and parity on dry period was also studied.



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