Article Id: ARCC3511 | Page : 40-42
Citation :- EFFECf OF INBREEDING ON SLAUGHTER TRAITS OF BROILER RABBITS·.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2000.(34):40-42
S. Sat Reddy, C. Eswara Reddy, B. Ramesh Gupta and A.Satyanarayana1
Address : Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding College of Veterinary Science, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad- 500 030, India


The influence of genetic group, sex of bunny and the level of inbreeding of bunny on the slaughter traits of New Zealand White (NN), Soviet Chinchilla (SS), Grey Giant (GG) and Flemish Giant (FF) rabbits at 16 weeks of age was studied. Genetic group had significant influence on edible and inedible offals weight, while the sex of bunny and level of inbreeding of bunny had no significant effect on any of the slaughter traits studied. The overall least squares mean of slaughter weight, dressing percentage and edible and inedible offals weight was 1551.17 ± 33.57 g, 49.69 ± 1.06%, 60.41 ± 1.52g and 320.02 ± 7.35g, respectively.



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